Safety Tips

Stay safe – you are important to us!

In the light of the recent spate of break-ins, Vetus Schola would like to give all readers some tips on how to stay safe and not to become a statistic.

• Use a reputable security service provider.
• Burglar alarm installers are required to be registered as members of the South African Intruder Detection Services Association (SAIDSA) to ensure that all installations and equipment meet those set by the profession.
• Use your burglar alarm to its full potential. Your burglar alarm should be properly managed and checked on a regular basis to ensure that it is fully operational. Activate your alarm at the appropriate times.
• Create a “safe area” in your home.
• Fit a wrought iron gate or an expanding grille gate to separate the bedroom wing into which the family can retreat at night or in an emergency.
• Bolt your doors.
• Fit a lock or barrel bolt to your bedroom door to ensure you are not surprised when you are asleep.
• Keep weapons and valuables safe.  Install a safe for weapons and valuables. Duplicate house keys could be kept in this safe. Note that wall safes are usually not fireproof and are not suitable for face-value documents and money.
• “Invest” in a dog.  Not only will a dog provide early warning, but it could also be a deterrent to would-be intruders. However bear in mind the safety and well being of the dog is just as important as that of your family, so keep the dog inside at night for its own protection and so that it does not disturb the neighbours. Let the dog have “free run” of the house.
• Install adequate lighting.
• Install outside lights that can be remotely controlled from inside the house and via the burglar alarm system. Consider installing demand lighting which is activated by a motion detector.
• Lock your garage and toolshed.  This would prevent would-be intruders access to any items that can be used as weapons of burglary tools.
• Programme your telephone with an emergency number before going to bed. Dial the emergency number and hang-up before the call is answered. This will give you a time advantage, as all you then need to do is press the redial button.
• Increase your view.
• Try not to have high walls and tall hedges that obscure your view of the property.